Saturday, December 3, 2011

Callista and the Free Republic

Newt Gingrich said that the next First Lady, his current wife Callista, "describes herself as being a cross between Nancy Reagan and Laura Bush with just a slight bit of Jackie Kennedy tossed in."

It's always amusing to see Conservatives (who usually feed on hatred of Liberals but during election season turn their hatred onto perceived RINOs) react to anything Gingrich or Romney say. You can understand why they're upset, though. The media told them they were important, that the Tea Party was the movement of the future, and that so-called moderate Republicans' days were numbered. Oh, Sarah, why did you leave these poor people behind?

Anyway, Free Republic members, Newt Gingrich said something dumb. About his wife. Have at it:

She gives me the creeps..Kinda like the lizard alien creatures

They all need to just go the hell away.

Certitude and crazy eyes are an interesting combination, though.

Please Republicans especially conservatives let’s pick a moral couple. I mean really....300 million and we might end up with these two cheaters? We can and should do better.

Ugly, eh.

She is vile! Newt deserves her.

And when someone finally complains about FR members' continuous slamming of Callista Gingrich, a fellow member responds with the usual sensitivity:

Oh great. Another troll who has ZERO principles. I see you are married. I suppose you cheat on your husband all the time which makes you sympathetic to this tramp. How do liberals like yourself survive on Free Republic. This is for CONSERVATIVES LADY....GET OUT!!!!!

Oh, and they post pictures:





Monday, October 24, 2011

A Homo or a Whale

Obama could have carried their mother out of a burning building and these Republicans wouldn't give him any credit for it. -- Bill Press
Also on his show, Press called Bush and Cheney "Weenies" and said Obama was the "killer." Now, while this competition to see who the real killer is is a bit disturbing, the facts are that Bush sent thousands to kill and die for nothing and got no results, while Obama's more focused approach may be the reason bin Laden and Gadhafi are dead.

But facts never stand in the way of Republicans. Someone called him a killer? Well, they have some other words to describe him:

He’s a traitor and worse.
He’s a killer alright - killer of the American dream. Great feat, obama, killing a republic - the greatest nation on earth - something to be proud of. Communist Scum.
For this Republican, he’s right. That is because Obama set the building on fire and was only carrying mom out in hopes of getting her vote, to help him destroy the rest of America.
To hell with this traitor..... he deserves to be in prison, at least.

At least?

And finally:

One of these days one of Obama’s drones will accidentally off a homo or a whale or something, and the shear cognitive dissonance will explode leftists’ heads.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's All Part of THE AGENDA, See?

A story from a local Georgia TV station is getting the nuts excited. A father complained because a middle-school homework assignment quoted a fictional Muslim woman who was proud of her religion. She was also happy to see her husband take another wife, and was thrilled to be covered from head to toe because it protected her from the blowing sand.

Thing is, the fact that the father describes himself as a Conservative and thinks the homework assignment is unbalanced and too favorable to Islam doesn't mean a Lefty like me can't agree with him in principal. When I send my kids to a public school, I don't want them to learn that the idea of polygamy is worthy of debate or that a place where women are covered from head to toe is good for them if it's sandy.

I know public schools don't have an easy time, but in this case, I'm sure we can just find another way to teach the pros and cons of school uniform, which amazingly enough, was somehow the object of this homework assignment. And they did. The curriculum was adjusted. End of story.

Unless Free Republic members have anything to add?

Abolish ALL of the communist government scamming departments.

Government schools are godless and teach children to think and reason godlessly. They children must if they are to cooperate in the classroom.

Look at the recent Californa textbook law — pushing the homosexual agenda in every public school textbook.

Abolish the Department of Education - and do it soon!

Polygamy is the left’s next agenda after they win gay marriage.

I'm glad I never had any kids.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

On Gays Donating Blood

Some backward countries ruled by fear and ignorance still do not allow gay people to donate blood.

This ban has just been lifted in England, which may help remind US decision-makers that history will judge them as the ignorant "Men of their time" if they don't change the policy over here. Meanwhile, Free Republic members begin their own contribution to this important discussion about health, benevolence, fraternity, the right to contribute to society while expecting nothing in return, change, civil rights, and so on.

Let the intelligent discussion begin!

Only an idiot would accept blood from a homosexual.
As for disease-riddled, sexually-disoriented, sodomizing perverts...fine, let’em donate. Just be sure to dump their poisoned blood in the toilet, lest it infect the rest of us with a terminal illness.
Their blood is an abomination. It's defiled with all kinds of infections and diseases. It's like donating sewer sludge.
The advocates of doing this with the blood supply are nothing less than murderers.
Well, I guess that conversation is over.
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