Saturday, March 13, 2010

"Bagel Brain Jews"

Aaron Zelman

Aaron Zelman is one of those crazies only true extremists know. As the founder of Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership (JPFO), he has been doing his thing for years, telling Jewish people that gun ownership is the one and only way to ensure another Holocaust doesn't happen in the US. He's published books, did some radio interviews, wrote some more books, put out a few YouTubes warning about the New World Order, and... you know... photoshopped the occasional Nazi poster.

Bagel Brains

Well, Zelman has finally made some national news today.

Two Jewish Maryland politicians, Sen. Brian E. Frosh and Del. Samuel I. Rosenberg, have been sent fliers written by Zelman after they sponsored a stricter gun control bill in Maryland. In the flier that accompanied the image above, Frosh and Rosenberg were referred to as, "Bagel Brain Jews Want Your Bullets and Your Guns."

Baltimore Sun readers, anything to add?

Maybe if a few of these jokers like Frosh have that type of experience and do not survive, it will be a wake-up call to these haters of the Constitution.

Comparing the desire to disarm Americans to what happened in Nazi Germany is not that much of a stretch, since the same excuses are being used today by gun grabbers as were used back then.

Do you really believe that these bills are not the start of all out gun control. If you do then you must be drinking the Kool-Aid.

The Sun, by the way, is saying these fliers are Anti-Semitic. Many commenters react to that.

Once again the sun paper mis leads its reader with a wrong head line.  You know the only  people who fall for this are the  uneducated blacks in the  city.  Everyone else knows there tricks.

 And finally, we've seen many names used for the President. Dictator is a new one:

I fully support the stance against this gun control measure. Remember what happened in Germany when Hitler took all the guns from its citizens, the Jewish communioty certainly does. The unarmed population cannot defend itself, and dictator knows that...Ooohh but we don't have a Dictatorship...Yet!


Anonymous said...

Gun Control or "Disarmament" is a proven killer. For example, in Africa, Kofi Anan disarmed the Tutsi tribal members under the auspices of the UN. After that, the Hutus were free to complete the disarmament as well as "dislegament". The death toll of that event was somewhere around a half million. Now, Hillary wants to help out with the UN Convention on Small Arms. After all, she's here to help us.

FreeRepublik said...

OK, Anonymous, even if I pretend you give a fuck about Kofi Anan and the Tutsis, and even as I respect your right to carry a gun, the point was that the readers of the Sun had nothing to say about a group of Jews being photoshopped as Nazis. The fact you ignore that shows what we're dealing with here.

Anonymous said...

As many people are dumbed down by the media sometimes you need to draw them a picture to explain just what is going on! All I need to know about a Jew to tell if he follows his proclaimed beliefs, and the beliefs of his religion in the Torah is his stance on gun ownership. The Torah teaches us we need to be armed to protect our families and our neighbor's family and the public at large! I learned this from the teachings of Rabbi David Bendory in his lecture titled "The Ten Commandments of Self Defense".

FreeRepublik said...

So you're saying you will only accept someone as Jewish if he or she owns a gun? Don't get me wrong, I love political argument and discussion, but--

Never mind. You're probably just a member of JPFO who cuts and pastes ridiculous comments. Good for you.

frosty2 said...

Go get 'em JPFO. Don't give an inch. We have a Constitution to save.

FreeRepublik said...

You can't save the Constitution without dressing Jews as Nazis?

Mike B said...

Of course not! They have to think up every oxymoron in the book and throw it out there. Fascist - Socialist, Jews - Nazis, Compassionate - conservative, etc.

This list goes on and on but since Republican leaders know their base of conservatards do not know the difference then they use it.

FreeRepublik said...

And of course, the fact Obama has Czars proves he's pro-Communism. Because Czars were Communists.

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